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Previously known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

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DBS "Umbrella Body"

Flairnow provides an efficient Disclosure & Barring Service to employers and organisations in the care market. We use a custom-designed computer database to record your applicant's details while you are on the telephone and confirm that the information is complete before printing the Disclosure Application Form. A printed application avoids problems associated with hand-written entries. We then countersign the form, send it to you with an envelope ready addressed to the DBS. You get the applicant to check and sign the form and post it off to the DBS. When we receive the Disclosure in due course we send it on to you without delay. What could be simpler?

If you need to start the employee at short notice we can send an DBS Adult First request on your behalf automatically from the information we have stored. If you have an email address we will forward the reply as soon as we receive it - if not, we will post copies to you.

External ID Validation Checks In cases where insufficient documents are presented to prove identification (ID) the DBS requires an external independent security company to prove ID. Flairnow will advise which applications require this. We ask that each organisation designates a person - the "Disclosures Officer" - to liaise with us to ensure confidentiality.

DBS FeesAs from 6th April 2011, DBS fees are: For employed staff - Standard Disclosure £26.00 and Enhanced Disclosure £44.00. For unpaid volunteers - there is currently NO CHARGE. There is a fee of £6.00 for a DBS Adult First.

Procedure To complete the application with the minimum of delay, it will help to use our checklist as an aid to collecting all the information that will be needed. It is also quite often helpful to have the applicant sitting with you when contacting us. Our office hours are 09.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. If lines are busy, please leave a message - we will return your call ASAP.

Flairnow Fees (from 1st Sept 2012) We charge £10.50 to enter an application into the database and print the form. This charge is inclusive of all postage. Reprints are charged at £10.00. To handle each DBS Adult First email we charge £4.50. Where an external ID Validation Check is required we will organise it and there is an additional charge of £10.00.

On-line Applications We can accept disclosure applications on-line. This is particularly useful for sending applications outside of office hours. Flairnow will process the application as soon as possible. Please contact the Flairnow office for details.

Invoices With the disclosure application you will receive an itemised invoice including the surname(s) of the applicant(s). In addition to our charges, the invoice will include the DBS fee as a "disbursement" which you pay to us. Settlement is required in 14 days. YOU DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THE DBS.